Screwtape Devotional

The Screwtape Letter I read tonight got me thinking a couple of things. One, There is nothing new under the sun. This book, written many years ago, applies in every aspect of life today. In one way or another at least. While maybe certain things exist today that did not or visa versa, I have yet to be able to afford to write off anything God has been speaking to me through this book. And that, my friends, is a lovely feeling.

Two, friendship, whether in the making or ongoing for many years, is more important than most realize. The people I grow close with are completely my choice. And sometimes I know that we feel we do not get to chose our friends. That somehow they are just placed in our lap and we have to deal with them or learn to love them. I dont believe that is necessarily the case. It cant be. Friendship, not acquaintanceship, is too important and affective to our lives to be that simple. I say this because I realize more and more after this reading that I need to be more cautious about the people I spend the majority of my time with. I like to think of it this way: I spend the majority of my time with a group of people who reek of rotten old cheese, there is a much greater chance that I will come away from the smelling lie rotten cheese than smelling like a basket of freshly picked roses. Am I right? In the same way, surrounding myself with people who curse, drink, and dont believe in God will likely not draw me closer to God and make me a more closely mirrored image of him. Now, all in moderation, of course. Because I adore the opportunities I have received to be a witness to people who are lost and need a Savior just as much as me. But as for those I confide in, I must be sure to chose wisely. And to pray without ceasing. Always.


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