Donde esta desire?

I dont know where the desire went that I had when I was in California. True that I still didn’t post every single day and keep up with it, but when I did I was genuinely excited to read. Maybe it was the whole thought of being away from my normal world as if I could be alone with God in a set apart place. I liked that… But then it made me think. God meets us where we are. That’s normally used in the idea that we dont need to prepare anything prior to giving ourselves over to Christ, which is completely accurate. But I also think it can be interpreted another way. God meets with us. He is here to meet with us wherever we are. In the living room in California, in the car on my way to work, and in the closet in my room while my roommates are getting stoned out in the living room just like every other day. I think they make me want to be better. It’s like… I want to show them what it really means to be different and not be ashamed of it. Not at all ashamed. But I think so many times even in my alone time in my room, I find other things to do. And I don’t want that. Tonight I wanted to bring back the love I used to have for writing to write something God put on my heart regardless of the fact that I did actually read a couple chapters in Psalms. And they did speak to me in other ways apart from this. But snuggling up in a cozy area in my room while the real world sits just outside my door, I feel secluded. I feel… safe. I feel like He met with me.


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