All over the place.

Ok, I have a confession. I read tonight. I read Proverbs 1. But my confession is that I was restless. I jumped over a few verses and I read through the whole chapter extremely quickly. I am sad to say I wasn’t in the mood at all. However, I can tell you that, like most all of Proverbs, this chapter was all about wisdom. Particularly the wisdom of a father or mother to the child. How ironic to my life right now. Ha. 

This morning in my graduation devotional I read Romans 8:28. A typical and well-known verse, but a good one. That was a much needed quick little devotion. But I’m still just not in the mood and it sucks. But I am excited about my praying today. I prayed today while I took a nap and it was so wonderful. Just me and God, having a chat. 


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