1 Peter 3:1-7

I’ve really been slipping lately. But I am proud to say that I read  1 1/2 chapters from John Piper’s Seeking and Savoring Jesus Christ Wednesday while I waited to pick you up at the airport. Anyway, today I was jumping around, trying to decide what to read and I realized I was being selective on random flipping of pages because I was subconsciously looking for something “good” to give me something juicy to blog about. So, I tried to listen to my heart, or rather, God, and see what He wanted me to read. I felt a slight tug on 1 John so I began turning to the book. As I was turning I came across 1 Peter, chapter 3 in particular, and even more in particular, verses 1-7 The first section is entitled Wives and Husbands. 

I suppose it caught my eye because of the main topic of conversation Tuesday and yesterday, and also because due to those conversations I’ve spent most of today dreaming, watching romantic movies, and diligently researching venues for our wedding. So here we go. 

The first verse talks about wives being quiet, humble, loving examples to husbands that aren’t necessarily Christians, but I took it to the next step to applying to husbands who aren’t acting as such. It says about those husbands that, “they might be won without a word by the conduct of their wives-when they see respectful and pure conduct,” I love that. Some people might not, and I could have taken it in a different way, but I look at it as the wife being the peacemaker of sorts. I like that idea, especially when it reminds me somewhat of myself with how silent I tend to (or try to) become when something unpleasant occurs and/or someone gets heated. That way of thinking is confirmed in verse 4 which says, “but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit…” 

I was surprised that the next few verses spoke to me. Being such a strong-headed, independent, and stubborn person I hate when guys act like I’m some pansy. Perhaps having a boyfriend really is changing me, and for the better. Verse 7 says that by treating the wife as the weaker vessel the husband is honoring her. It doesn’t mean he’s babying her or implying she can’t hold her own. If anything he’s like, “Hey girl, I love you so I’m going to do everything so you don’t have to.” (and yes I typed that while thinking of Ryan Gosling)

I don’t think I could have read this section of verses at a more appropriate time. Thank you, God! 


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