Psalm 42

I’ve found a new love for finding worship songs in my devotions in Psalms. They pretty much come up every few chapters though so I suppose this new hobby isn’t very tedious, which is fine because I am lazy. Anywho, today I read Psalm 41&42. I never realized before that Psalms is split up into different books. For instance, chapter 42 is the start of Book II and it has a completely different feel than all of the other Psalms I’ve read thus far. The song today was “My Soul Thirsts.” The one that says, “Why are you cast down O my soul?” Bob does it in service all the time. I get so sick of his voice sometimes… Anyway, I really loved this one particular part. 

Verse 1 “As a deer pants for a stream of water, so my soul pants for you my God. My soul thirsts for for God, the Living God.”

I am always thirsty. Like always. I know what it is to feel like I’m gonna die if I dont have a soda. Not water, soda. Which is probably why I’m always thirsty. So, more or less, I know how much desire comes with thirst. Longing and whatnot. To thirst for God. What an awesome thing to use as an analogy the same way God uses hunger in his Word. God is our cup and our portion. That’s why we hunger and thirst for him. We desire him in our lives. I don’t simply want a sip of Dr Pepper. I want a tall glass, ice cold, with a refill ready when I need it. And thats how God is. He overflows with more and more everyday. If grandma every went so far as to break the fountain from repeatedly pressing it for the syrup to the point of it breaking and it continuously pouring out, I’d like to say that’s one description of our God.


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