8/9/13 (late)

So this is obviously late. In this lateness I have a confession to make. I was able to write a post last night before bed. Everyone had gone to sleep and I was tired but I could have done it. I did read though, funnily enough. I actually went and looked to see if you had posted for the day and figured if hadn’t that I would wait until today to do it too, which was wrong of me. Definitely not done in leadership. 

Anyway, I dont want to make this post about what I read. I want to write this post about your last one because I think it’s a very important topic. I’ve actually been thinking a lot about this ever since that night at the bar with sandra. Yes that night is over and we’ve discussed it thoroughly but it made me realize that you probably are gaining a new group of friends that are not at all Christian. On one hand it made me kind of nervous. Nervous for you to get sucked into it. I saw you take that first sip and get into it for a bit and it scared me in all honesty. But I know that you know your boundaries and I know you are firm in them. I think this is wonderful now, even though I didnt then. Because I know God brings us the closest when we are so tempted to go astray. I know you are planted firm and I am always here to encourage you in your walk and in your faith. I love and care for you more than anyone in this world. Thats why I got scared. But I’m excited to see where this takes you, and us because of it. I love you.


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