8/9/13 (late)

I guess since it’s just passed 1:00 I’m not that late, but I didn’t even read today so yes I am. I’m not making excuses. I don’t do excuses. But I will tell you that I was out all afternoon and I was sleeping after that and after sleeping I was helping my mom. But I will also say I had plenty of time this morning, during my nap, and even while helping my mom to get in at least a little bit of God time. You could call me a slacker, I wouldn’t mind. I can honestly say that I missed it and I promise I am going to read before I go to bed. Maybe I’ll do a double post tomorrow. But I do have something to say. Remember my post from yesterday about friends and about forgetting the things of old? Well tonight I went out to dinner with my new friends for a birthday party. None of them are the slightest bit Christian. None of them try to act like Christians. 

I realized something while I was sitting there at the table. (I’m a quiet person, I do a lot more observing than I do conversating.) I realized this: My faith is finally going to be put to the test at a time in my life where I don’t feel I have anything to fear. These friends would never pressure me to do anything I didn’t want to. Sure, they might ask me to, try to push me, etc, but they would do it out of fun. They wouldn’t bully me about it. But still, they do things sometimes that are over the limits of what I feel comfortable going along with. As I was realizing this I was also wondering the reason for why these non-Christians I haven’t even known for a year yet are welcoming me and loving on me more than my best friends of 6+ years. Has this entire year long process been leading up to this? To something bigger? Perhaps. And having this mindset is making me excited for the future of these new friendships as well as where it will take me in my walk with God. 


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