Psalm 38

I think this passage is a lot like how you tend to describe all of psalms. How David is sort of crying to his Daddy and… Not complaining but definitely expressing his sadness and feeling of regret and loneliness. This passage is mostly him saying that he has failed miserably and asks The Lord not to be far from him. He then says that his enemies wait for him to fail so to point it out as something to use against him. So to say “look at the mistake you made. What kind of follower of God are you.” And of course there’s nothing new underneath that sun. 2000 years later their are still the same kind of people out there who plot to point out your wrongdoings so they can use it against you. I struggle when I find myself in either position. Because I know I’m just as guilty of it as anyone. Almost desiring for one of my fellow believers to fail so I can mentally rub it in their face. I could use far less of that judgmental mindset in my life. More often I think I find myself in the position of the one struggling, so I definitely have no business pointing out the short comings of someone else. I need Him closer to make me feel further from that thinking.


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