Psalms 150

First of all, I’m pissed. I started writing this post on my phone tonight at church and saved it as a draft but now it’s not showing up on my laptop. Not cool. Luckily I hadn’t written too much. But it was all so spontaneous and good! Ugh. Well, let’s try again.

I finished up Psalms tonight by reading chapters 148-150, but this post is about 150 in particular. The last sentence in the last verse of the last chapter of the book. Verse 6 says, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!” Praise the Lord! I don’t want to look at that as an exclamation or a closing note or even the obvious last sentence of a paragraph or section of words. I think of it as the closing of a prayer, in a way. Ok, look at the book of Psalms. Think about all the hundreds of subjects that are covered throughout it, think of all the tears David says he shed, the complaints he made, the rants he went on, and the pleas he made. It’s a very emotionally packed book. It has a lot of heart break and a lot of healing in it. Trials and tribulation. Rejoicing and laughter. But it ends with one sentence. Three words. Praise the Lord. I feel as if it’s saying, “Despite everything we covered in the thousands of verses in these 150 chapters, praise the Lord no matter any of it!” 


That’s really all I have to say. I just thought it was super cool. 

Thanks. Bye.


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