Psalm 35

This book was specifically written so to build up those who are constantly beat down by those who reject the gospel they preach. This is specifically for Josh Page. David talks about how people mock him and make plans to either take his life or to put him to shame by using his own words against him. That they plan to twist his words so to say “Aha! Just What we wanted.” It actually says that in verse 25 which I found somewhat humorous. I think it’s written because it’s true that these people exist. There are always those out there who live to be cynical and live to promote their “rational thinking” as legitimate. And sometimes I can honestly say I’d like to to punch their lights out. But when I sit back and think, I really want the opposite. Those are in fact the people I desire salvation for the most. Because nothing would anger the devil more than to see such an advocate of the world to turn and become and follower of Jesus. And I just love to anger him. That sounds evil but whatever… It brings joy to Him. Anyway, at the end of the chapter David days “My tongue will proclaim your righteousness, your praises all day long.” So you know what… That’s what I’m going to do. I may not have read this passage until just now, at 1:00am. But Today at work I belted out Set A Fire Down in My Soul in the middle of the kitchen because I honestly wanted someone to have something to say to it. I think I’d like to sing his praises more in front of people. It gives me the most happiness. 


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