Psalms 139

I decided to post today about what I read yesterday because it was that glorious and exciting. I suppose one could say that the 139th Psalm is a somewhat famous one. I’d never really paid much attention to it until yesterday. The title of the section is ‘Search Me, O God and Know My Heart’.

The first few verses, I believe, are well known. “…You know when I sit down and when I rise up…”. Verse four says, “Even before a word is on my tongue, behold, O Lord, you know it altogether.” God knew who I would be before I was born. He knew every single word I have or ever will utter before I was conceived. I wonder, how can someone believe that they can hide from the Lord and His wrath or judgment when there are words such as these to be read. Or better yet, why would you want to hide from or do something that would dishonor the One who sat there and carefully thought out every detail of your entire existence. From the thickness of your hair and the way your eyes might shine in the sunlight to what subjects interest you throughout your life, your favorite color, the family you are born into and so much more. Every detail of your life is preplanned by God. Even the idiotic things we do that throw us off the path He has for us, He knew about those too, even before the temptation was ever introduced to us.

When you really think and dwell on those facts…the reality, tenderness, and love that are found in those facts, it gives one a whole new appreciation for verse fourteen which says, “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” We are so preciously created. Handcrafted by the One who invented life itself. But don’t just apply this to yourself and see how fantastic you are. Consider these facts and insight as a pair of glasses through which you should view the world and everything and everyone you come in contact with whether they are good or bad, saved or not. Every human being has been specifically selected, thought out, and handcrafted by the Lord himself. Imagine how much more you will appreciate all that is around you once you wear those glasses.


One thought on “7/29/13

  1. I love this. And because of who God is, how can we not want to love him and live to serve him? So many people take that fact that God is all-knowing and that he has preplanned everything for you life for you to say that free will actually doesn’t exist if that were true. I dont buy it. Not only does it meant that those people are missing the point entirely of God’s design, but it the idea isn’t even valid. I can do anything I wanted to right now. Anything. I could walk out into oncoming traffic with no reason and no motive. Seems out of character and surprising, no? Not to him. He knew I would. So even if I do anything my heart desires, God knows. And he knew from the very beginning. Wow. I dont deserve that much care and love.

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